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Electromechanical Assemblies

At Segue, we provide complete solutions for electromechanical systems and sub-assemblies. Our total solutions capabilities can help your team design cost effective products that make it easy to manufacture, source, and procure your components and document your sub-assemblies and manufacturing processes. As an experienced electromechanical contract manufacturer, our global manufacturing and distribution operations can efficiently assemble your products, integrate traceability throughout the procurement and assembly process, and drop ship fully tested assemblies to you or your customers on time, every time.

Full Service Electro Mechanical Manufacturing Company

With numerous electromechanical outsourcing projects in the military, medical, industrial capital equipment, and homeland security markets, Segue has developed the disciplines and procedures that streamline the design, manufacturing release, and volume ramp processes while mitigating risk.

Industries Served by Electromechanical Assemblies

The industries we serve cover a broad range of applications, including fully assembled electronic enclosures, oil and gas, power distribution, and management. We also serve applications involving hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies, automation equipment, sub systems, and robotic assemblies.

As a highly experienced electromechanical contractor, we offer our customers a distinct advantage that includes state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and full testing services to ensure quality results and prompt turnarounds.

We also deliver value-add sourcing and engineering services that help reduce overall costs during the design phase. Across the board, whether through our machining, assembly and molding operations, or through our mix mode manufacturing, documentation, and labeling capabilities, we accelerate project completion times and reduce costs.

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  • Automation equipment and sub-systems
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic assemblies
  • Robotic assemblies
  • Fully assembled Electronic enclosures for:
    • Industrial controls
    • ATMs/Kiosks/Gaming
    • Elevators and escalators
    • Power distribution and management
    • Security and safety
    • Test and measurement
    • Capital equipment for the semiconductor and renewable energy markets
    • Oil and gas
    • Mass transit and transportation
    • Renewable Energy
    • Solar and wind

Capabilities and Certifications

To provide our customers with a competitive advantage, Segue utilizes the following capabilities which we have fined tuned through years of experience:

  • Value-add engineering and sourcing services to assist your team in taking costs out at the product and process design phase
  • Advance manufacturing capabilities such as demand-flow manufacturing and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) combined with full testing services to ensure quality and on-time delivery with reduced lead times.
  • Vertically integrated CNC Machining, PCB Assembly and Plastic injection molding operations which significantly reduce stacked lead times and margins
  • Mix mode manufacturing (China and US assembly cells) to provide both low costs and rapid response to fluctuations in demand.
  • Documentation and labeling to Segue exacting standards which simplify maintenance and troubleshooting in the field
  • Quick quote turnaround

In the U.S. we specialize in new product introduction and low-to-moderate volume, high-mix assemblies. At our facility in Xiamen, China, we provide low cost assembly combined with cost reductions from our certified global suppliers to deliver significant cost reductions for higher volume assemblies.