Global Manufacturing with Local Service and Support

Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

The cost of purchased materials can often account for more than 60% of the finished assembly price to our customers. Segue engineers and procurement specialists work closely with customer engineers to match customer requirements and demand profile to locate the lowest-cost solution and most reliable suppliers for new components. Over the course of our 20+ years of operations, Segue has developed partnerships with more than 100 qualified vendors of low cost equivalent components for materials such as:

  • Sheet metal panels and enclosures
  • Connectors
  • Composite Cable
  • Passive electronic components (e.g. circuit breakers, fuses, relays, switches, etc…)
  • Plastic enclosures, housings and panels
  • Active Components (logic, resistors, diodes, BGA, Programmable parts, etc…)
  • Fabricated Printed Circuit Boards

Segue offers a complete solution for supply chain management with these commodities including agreements with suppliers to provide most favorable pricing terms and commitments for rapid quote and sample turnaround times.  We have invested in a streamlined system to manage the entire supply chain from the point-of-origin to point-of-consumption (whether in the US or in China).  We use Vendor Managed Inventory and a number of JIT replenishment models, such as Kanban replenishment systems, to ensure component availability while reducing inventory costs and maximize inventory turns.

Benefits to Our Customers

  • Reduced product costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Shortened lead times and lower inventory levels
  • Commitment to outstanding quality throughout the supply chain
  • Minimized supplier risk through a proven supplier qualification process
Capabilities and Certifications

  • Global sourcing and supplier qualification
  • Vendor managed inventory and JIT replenishment systems that optimize inventory levels while assuring high levels of  on-time delivery
  • Complete demand management converted and managed throughout the supply chain
  • Procurement & logistics management including cost effective expediting services