Global Manufacturing with Local Service and Support

Improve Delivery & Lower Total Costs

The best cost and lead time reduction strategies begin before a product ever goes to market and continue throughout the product lifecycle — from design through sourcing and manufacturing. Segue has developed proprietary programs in all these phases to ensure on-time delivery, rapid response to ECOs and forecast changes while lowering your total costs.

Segue has the ability to source and integrate components from low cost regions and configure products locally at a competitive price resulting in sustainable competitive advantage and a significant cost reduction.

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Low Cost Manufacturing

For products with high labor content or where components can be sourced at a lower cost in China, Segue will:

  • Transition manufacturing and sourcing activities to our Xiamen facility using a proven and repeatable process.
  • Start the transition process once the design is finalized and the manufacturing process is fully documented and stable.
  • Manage the complexities and the logistics of this transfer while keeping your team informed every step of the way. Learn More


Segue’s engineers are experts at finding ways to reduce costs and shrink lead time… ideally before designs are finalized. We have partnered with numerous clients to bring our lean manufacturing know-how to their design teams, especially in our core competencies of cable assembly and control and power system design. Our toolbox to reduce costs and lead times include:

  • Simplified designs: we can recommend ways to meet your desired functionality with
    • Fewer parts
    • A design that is easy to manufacture and delivers repeatable quality
    • Off-the-shelf parts vs. custom parts
    • Substitution of parts with lower costs equivalents
  • Rapid Prototyping: Our SegueDfX program includes a rapid prototyping phase where our engineers work closely with customer design teams and our internal NPI production teams to quickly prototype new products. This process yields recommendations to improve performance and reduce manufacturing complexity and cost.
  • Value Engineering: Our Value Engineering services have generated cost reduction opportunity and process reliability improvements for numerous customers. Our contract manufacturing pedigree and focus in our core competence means that we have seen a large number of cable assembly and control / power system designs and know where to look for improvements.


We are dedicated to providing the highest level of delivery service… even on products manufactured in China…. even with ECOs and changes in demand. Learn More

  • Maintaining finished goods safety stock in our Lowell and Xiamen distribution centers
  • Mix-Mode manufacturing models where we manufacture your products in both our Xiamen and Lowell sites providing rapid response to customer changes
  • Efficient customs and transit operations from the Port of Xiamen to the US
  • “Dock-to-Stock” programs for where appropriate
  • Advanced manufacturing and supply chain management techniques which shrink our lead times and enable rapid response.


Segue’s has developed a network of qualified suppliers who are committed to provide us with:

  • Best pricing
  • Quick-turn quoting and prototyping
  • Supply programs which reduce lead times

Our customers can leverage the relationships and learning curve benefits that Segue has developed over the past 20 years. Additionally, Segue’s sourcing engineers in Lowell and Xiamen are expert in finding and qualifying new suppliers for components that cannot be sourced through our existing supplier network. Learn More