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Launch New Product & Ramp Production

Shrinking time to market is essential to edge out competitors and reduce time to revenue. But taking a new product from design to volume production in a efficient, profitable manner can challenge many companies. Glitches in the manufacturing transition process will delay revenue and drive up costs, and in the worst case, can kill a product if the window of opportunity is missed.

Segue understands the complexity and pressures of this process. We understand the burden placed on engineering teams as new products are released to manufacturing.We’ve seen engineering resources stretched to finalize designs and documentation while simultaneously responding to manufacturing teams to support process development and requests for “design tweaks” to simplify the assembly process. With competing demands and unyielding time constraints, it is easy to see how engineers can miss opportunities to optimize designs for manufacturability and reliability. Unfortunately, the inherent resistance to redesign a product once released for volume manufacturing means that these manufacturing optimizations are unlikely to be realized if missed during the initial design phase.

Based on our involvement in numerous product launches, Segue has developed repeatable processes that help our customers meet the conflicting demands of lowering costs, quickly launching new products and ramping manufacturing volumes.

Segue offers a unique blend not found in typical domestic or overseas contract manufacturers in their core ability and passion to design and develop tooling of unique electromechanical components which when combined with standard off-the-shelf components provides a true “turn-key” deliverable of complex, hybrid electro-mechanical printed circuit board assemblies or cable assemblies in a cost effective manner.

Dave Truesdell, Director of Engineering, David Clark Company


Segue’s engineers are experts at finding ways to reduce costs and shrink lead time…. ideally before designs are finalized. We have partnered with numerous clients to bring our lean manufacturing know-how to their design teams, especially in our core competencies of cable assembly and control & power system design. Our toolbox to reduce costs and lead times includes:

  • Simplified designs: we can recommend ways to meet your desired functionality with
    • Fewer parts
    • Substitution of parts with lower costs equivalents
    • Off-the-shelf parts vs. custom parts
    • A design that is easy to manufacture and delivers repeatable quality
  • Rapid Prototyping: Our SegueDfX program includes a rapid prototyping phase where our engineers work closely with customer design teams and our internal NPI production teams to quickly prototype new products. This process yields recommendations to improve performance and reduce manufacturing complexity and cost.
  • Sourcing: Segue’s network of qualified suppliers are committed to providing best pricing as well as responsive quoting and prototype support. When we partner with customers early in the new product design process, we can bring the benefits of this supply chain to reduce your product costs… in the initial release.


Segue has developed a set of processes and tools to ensure the Manufacturing Readiness of a new product. We have learned from our experience (and yes, our mistakes) that the following steps are critical to ensure a smooth release to volume manufacturing:

  • Certified build process and manufacturing technician training
  • Clean and controlled process documentation
  • In Process and final inspection plans
  • Fixture and tooling readiness
  • Supply chain readiness
  • Equipment setup and calibration procedures defined