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Transition Production to China

In today’s global economy, attaining a competitive edge is vital. While companies strive to differentiate their products, competing on price and delivery are increasingly critical to your success. Outsourcing to low cost manufacturing regions can lower your total costs and increase the competitiveness of your product, but it is not without risk.

Reduce the Transition Risk

Our company owned facility in Xiamen, China, has been in operation for more than 20 years and the average tenure of our management team in China is greater than 10 years. Over this period, our US and Xiamen management teams have developed a number of unique processes to reduce the risk in moving your production to China while lowering costs

  • Protecting your IP: At Segue, we take compliance and ethics seriously. Operating with integrity is part of who we are. Therefore, we subscribe to the principles of the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) including its provisions for protecting IP. We protect our customers’ confidential information as it were ours.
  • Seamless Transition of the Manufacturing Process: Segue minimizes the risk of moving your production to China or any other location by first developing and documenting the manufacturing process in our Lowell, MA facility. For complex products and builds, we employ our DCOT process to move production to Xiamen.
    • A Lowell transition team works with Xiamen to DEMONSTRATE the US
      developed build process
    • This team then COACHES the Xiamen team to develop a certified Xiamen build
      process which typically includes:

      • More granular process and in-process inspection steps that match the
        skill sets of our Xiamen labor force
      • Substitution of low cost equivalents from qualified suppliers where
        appropriate and where approved by the customer
    • The Lowell team OBESERVES and monitors Xiamen team during initial builds,
      making adjustments as necessary
    • Finally, we TEST the Xiamen team on their understanding and ability to repeatability execute the certified build process in a quality manner

The DCOT process is managed by a Lowell Program Manager who oversees all interactions with our China team.  While we keep customers fully informed of the transition process, we minimize their involvement in the intricacies of the transition process.

Segue provides a high level of on time delivery service:

  • Special Economic Zone (SEZ): Our Xiamen facility is located in one of China’s five Special Economic Zones. These zones are foreign-oriented areas which integrate science and industry with trade, and benefit from preferential policies such as elimination of tariffs and duties on incoming materials used in exported goods. The benefits to our customers’ include lower costs and reduced complexity.
  • On-time delivery: Through our SegueSupply program, we provide a high level of on time delivery service, even on products manufactured in China.